Permit application Forms and Mandatory Occurrence Reporting

The following forms are currently available.

Charges for the issue of Foreign Carrier Permits became active in Guernsey on the 14th February 2019. Charges for Jersey became active on the 6th March 2019.

Please use this link to apply for a Guernsey Aviation Permit (Foreign Carrier Permit or Aerial Work Permit) - Guernsey Aviation Permit Application and to pay the fee of £82. Once you have paid the £82 fee, you will be directed to the Aviation Permit Application. If you have successfully paid but do not receive the application, please contact the team at

Occurrence reporting, mandatory and voluntarily.

GAR 13 requires holders of approvals, permits and validations issued by the Director of Civil Aviation to report occurrences.
There are two forms to report occurrences:

Occurrence reports can be filed using the online portal link that will direct you to the DCA Centrik management system.
If you wish to report confidentially, or you do not want to file via the portal, you can download the relevant form above and then email directly to the DCA here

The DCA also welcomes the reporting of occurrences that are not mandatory, ie Voluntarily, so as to jointly establish and ensure a safe aviation environment.

Voluntary reports can be filed via the portal or by completing one of the above occurrence reports.



Contacting the DCA