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With reference to the Air Navigation (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2012 Chapter 5 section 35 (1)(c), (2), and the Air Navigation (Jersey) Law 2014 Part 6 Article 47 (1)(c), (2), all Boeing 737 Max types are prohibited from entering the Channel Islands Control Zone with immediate effect until further evidence is available from the investigation as to the cause of the Ethiopian Airlines accident.

Yours Faithfully,

Dominic Lazarus
Director Civil Aviation


Jersey Aviation Legislation

Jersey Aviation Legislation link


Guernsey Aviation Legislation

Guernsey Aviation Legislation Link


Guernsey Aviation Requirements (GARs)

The Guernsey Aviation Requirements (GARs) provide detailed regulatory material and acceptable means of compliance for registration and operation of aircraft on the 2-REG. Revised GARS were published 1st October 2018.  These are presented in Adobe PDF format.

Definitions, Abbreviations and Units of Measurements

pdf icon GAR 1 Issue 4 2018 [1Mb]

Occurrence Reporting

pdf icon GAR-13-Issue-2 [564kb]

Certification of Aircraft

pdf icon GAR-21-Issue-8 [548kb]

Aircraft Environmental Standards

pdf icon GAR-36-Issue-2 [477kb]

Continuing Airworthiness Requirements

pdf icon GAR-39-Issue 5 [563kb]

General Maintenance Requirements

pdf icon GAR-43-Issue-3 [591kb]

Aircraft Registration and Marking

pdf icon GAR-47-Issue-3 [501kb]

Flight Crew Licences and Ratings

pdf icon GAR-61-Issue-4 [456kb]

Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licensing

pdf icon GAR-66-Issue-2 [463kb]

General Operating Instructions and Commercial Air Transport Operations

pdf icon GAR-91-121-and-135-Issue-4 [4Mb]

General Operating Instructions and Complex General Aviation

pdf icon GAR-91-and-125-Issue-7 [2Mb]

Air Operator Certification

pdf icon GAR-119-Issue-4 [1Mb]

Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Approval

pdf icon GAR-145-Issue-4 [573kb]


Guernsey Advisory Circulars (GACs)

The Guernsey Advisory Circulars provide information for operators and owners.

Public Inspection of the Registers

pdf icon GAC-GEN-1_Public-inspection-of-the-registers Issue 2 [874kb]

Private Flight

pdf icon GAC GEN 3 Private flight Issue 3 [930kb]

Standard Design Change

pdf icon GAC 21-1 [822kb]

Tech Co-ordinator

pdf icon GAC 39-1_Tech co-ordinator [677kb]

Training Programmes

pdf icon GAC 121/135-1 GSY Training Programmes [932kb]

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training 

pdf icon GAC 121/135-2 Upset Prevention and Recovery Training [885kb]

Extended Diversion Time Operations 

pdf icon GAC 121/135-3 Extended Diversion Time Operations [1014kb]

Aircraft Tracking

pdf icon GAC 125/135-4 [397kb]

Used Components/ Parts

pdf icon GAC 145-1 Used Components/ Parts [540kb]

Minimum Equipment List

pdf icon GAC MEL -47-2119-1 [958kb]




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