Guernsey Aircraft Registry

The following links are made available for your information. In some cases they are provided by local authorities outside the control or management of the DCA. 

Guernsey Aviation Legislation

Guernsey Aviation Legislation Link

Guernsey Aviation Requirements (GARs)

The Guernsey Aviation Requirements (GARs) provide detailed regulatory material for registration and operation of aircraft on the 2-REG. These are presented in Adobe PDF format. Where GAR's in their list of revisions refer to NPA's please see specific NPA below.

GAR-1 Definitions, Abbreviations and Units of Measurements
pdf icon GAR-1 [835kb]

GAR-13 Occurrence Reporting
pdf icon GAR 13 [564kb]

GAR-21 Certification of Aircraft
pdf icon GAR 21 [912kb]

GAR-39 Continuing Airworthiness Requirements
pdf icon GAR 39 [964kb]

GAR-43 General Maintenance Requirements
pdf icon GAR 43 [893kb]

GAR-47 Aircraft Registration and Marking
pdf icon GAR 47 [501kb]

GAR-61 Flight Crew Licences and Ratings
pdf icon GAR 61 [353kb]

GAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licensing
pdf icon GAR 66 [463kb]

GAR-91,121,135 General Operating Instructions and Commercial Air Transport Operations
pdf icon GAR 91/121/135 [4Mb]

GAR-91,125 General Operating Instructions and Complex General Aviation
pdf icon GAR 91/125 [2Mb]

GAR-119 Air Operator Certification
pdf icon GAR 119 [1Mb]

GAR-145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Approval
pdf icon GAR 145 [934kb]


Notice of Proposed Amendments (NPA's)

The NPAs provide a general explanation of the forthcoming changes and assesses the impact of the change. The NPA(s) will be followed by formal consultation period and subsequently the GAR amendment. After publication of the GAR the NPA will be removed from the website. End users may request past copies of NPA's.

Notice of Proposed Ammendments 2023

NPA 2023-1 Ferry Operator
pdf icon NPA 2023-1 [658kb]

Guernsey Advisory Circulars (GACs)

The Guernsey Advisory Circulars provide an acceptable means of compliance and information for operators and owners. The ODCA recently updated GAC prefix identifiers, a quick reference list is provided to illustrate the changes to end users.
pdf icon GAC Prefix list [135kb]

GAC AIR-1 Standard Design Changes 
pdf icon GAC AIR-1 [746kb]

GAC AIR-2 Tech Co-ordinator
pdf icon GAC AIR-2 [318kb]

GAC AIR-3 Aircraft Maintenance Programmes
pdf icon GAC AIR-3 [731kb]

GAC AIR-4 On Condition Maintenance
pdf icon GAC AIR-4 [296kb]

GAC AIR-5 Release to Service Eligible Persons
pdf icon GAC AIR-5 [208kb]

GAC AIR-6 Authorisations
pdf icon GAC AIR-6 [221kb]

GAC AIR-7 Used components or Parts
pdf icon GAC AIR-7 [247kb]

GAC AIR-8 Remote Survey
pdf icon GAC AIR-8 [283kb]

GAC GEN-1 Brexit
pdf icon GAC GEN-1 [209kb]

GAC OPS-1 ATS Comms & Surveillance Authorisations 
pdf icon GAC OPS-1 [459kb]

GAC OPS-2 Nominated Postholders AOC
pdf icon GAC OPS-2 [205kb]

GAC OPS-3 Training Programmes
pdf icon GAC OPS-3 [381kb]

GAC OPS-4 Upset Prevention and Recovery Training 
pdf icon GAC OPS-4 [348kb]

GAC OPS-5 Extended Diversion Time Operation
pdf icon GAC OPS-5 [403kb]

GAC OPS-6 Aircraft Tracking
pdf icon GAC OPS-6 [315kb]

GAC OPS-7 Guidance on Private Flight Definition
pdf icon GAC OPS-7 [282kb]

GAC OPS-8 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
pdf icon GAC OPS-8 [321kb]

GAC OPS-9 Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
pdf icon GAC OPS-9 [470kb]

GAC OPS-10 Braking Action Reporting. Global Reporting Format (GRF)
pdf icon GAC OPS-10 [349kb]

GAC OPS-11 Principal Place of Business (PPB)
pdf icon GAC OPS-11 [247kb]

GAC PEL-1 Pilot Licencing and Rating
pdf icon GAC PEL-1 [228kb]

GAC PEL-2 Aircraft Maintenance Licence Validations
pdf icon GAC PEL-2 [237kb]

GAC REG-1 Aircraft Registration- Eligibility and Admission requirements
pdf icon GAC REG-1 [326kb]

GAC REG-2 Public Inspection of the Registers
pdf icon GAC REG-2 [874kb]


Guernsey Safety Information Bulletins (GSIBs)

Guernsey Safety Information Bulletins (GSIBs) are issued as an information tool that intends to alert, inform and draw the attention of the aviation community on safety issues. GSIBs contain nonmandatory information and guidance that do not qualify for an Airworthiness Directive (AD). The ODCA recently updated GSIB prefix identifiers, a quick reference list is provided to illustrate the changes to end users.
pdf icon GSIB Prefix List [127kb]

GSIB AIR 2020-1 Agusta Bell and Bell 206 helicopters
pdf icon GSIB AIR 2020-1 [285kb]

GSIB AIR 2020-2 CO Contamination Minimisation and Detection in GA Aircraft
pdf icon GSIB AIR 2020-2 [374kb]

GSIB AIR 2020-3 Piston Engine Low Utilisation Maintenance Practices
pdf icon GSIB AIR 2020-3 [295kb]

GSIB AIR 2023-1 Acceptable Release Certification for Parts, Appliances and Materials
pdf icon GSIB AIR 2023-1 [342kb]

GSIB OPS 2022-1 Interception Procedures
pdf icon GSIB OPS 2022-1 [1Mb]





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